Are You Blessable?

This question was posed to me a couple of weeks ago.  “What are you doing in your life that God would bless?”  “Are you blessable?”  Good questions to think about, right?  When God looks down at you, does He smile and think “I’m proud of her/him,” or to take it further, does He think, “I’m so joyful and proud of what ‘Sally’ is doing with her life. I’m so pleased that she is obeying me and listening to me!”  It really makes me stop and think!  I hope he doesn’t look at me and think, “Oh boy, here we go again, when will she learn!” One way to help you, or encourage you to be “blessable” will come through praying consistently and constantly.  

Prayer is crucial to having a relationship with Jesus.  Ask Him what he wants you to do, and ask Him for His wisdom and knowledge, and a desire to seek him and follow him.  If we don’t have that relationship with Him, how can we know what He wants us to do?  God speaks to us in many ways; scripture, people, the church, Bible classes, even dreams.  We have to be alert and aware, and be open to God’s voice , via scripture…..even dreams.  

If you Trust and depend on God to lead you, you need to be available to Him, so He can use you in ways to bless others. In your morning prayer time ask God, “Lord, I want to please you and obey you.  Please guide and direct me so I can be blessable.  Don’t let me pass up an opportunity to help others.  I’m available to you, so you can use me.  Help me see where you are working in my life, so I can join you and be obedient to your will for my life.”  If you pray this out loud, and actually hear yourself say it, hopefully it will come back to your mind throughout the day.
When you put your head on your pillow at night; thank the Lord for what he did for you that day (good or bad) and say, “I hope I did something today that would make you proud of me, I want to be blessed by you.”  

Pray for God’s will to be done, (not what you want, but what HE wants). When you choose well and make good decisions and choices, God will bless you, and reward you.  God wants the best for us, and I know we all want to be blessed by God!

So… are you blessable?  Do you act and speak in a way that would honor God and make Him proud? What are you doing today that God would want to bless you for?