How Do You Find the Right Bible Study?

When I was getting into small group Bible studies I was a little nervous at first. But once I realized the other girls in the group had the same values and outlook on life, I felt I had an immediate support system. And a safe place to go to talk about things that I could not even talk about with my parents.

I want to encourage anybody and everybody to get into some kind of small group Bible study.  Back in the day of Jesus, that's how the church started -- it was in the home with just a few people. It's a safe place and an intimate place where you can have conversations about a lot of different things. I think this is really important for young people, as life has become more complicated. A Bible study provides a safe place to ask questions and work through life's ups and downs.

If you are even wondering about a Bible study, give it a try. One class could change your entire path in life. It did mine. 

Here are 3 tips on how to choose the right Bible study:

1. Ask God for Direction: Before you start your search pray that God will reveal to you what he wants you to learn this season

2. Think about Your Time: Estimate the amount of daily personal time each study requires and choose one that fits in with the amount of time you have to give 

3. Research the Curriculum: It's important to study what you are going to study before you join a group. Make sure that the Bible Study focus is in line with what you hope to learn