Second Chances

Have you ever had a second chance before? I'm talking about any kind of second chance. For example, you escaped near death in a car accident or heart attack, or your parents gave you a "second chance" (probably 3, 4 or even 5 chances), a policeman gives you a "warning" and not a ticket. There are multiple ways you can receive a second chance.

I feel like God has given me many second chances! I've failed so many times and worst of all, I have failed God, but He continues to love me and give me second chances every day. When you ask Jesus into your heart, you are receiving a second chance! He will come into your life and transform it if you will let Him. God gives His favor to those that honor Him, love Him, and give Him glory. If you are not walking with God, how can you expect Him to bless you or give you a second chance?

God wants you to follow Him. Our hope is that AmazingGrace.Life will be a great a resource for you as you seek Him.