Amazing Grace

Bringing HOPE to Baltimore through Mercy Chef's

AmazingGrace.Life is making neighborhoods safer and bringing people closer to God with our partner, Mercy Chefs. Here we are in Baltimore spreading our love through food, conversation, and passing out our pamphlets to help people #JoinTheJourney. A dozen people accepted Christ here, it was truly incredible. 

Our friends at Mercy Chef's live to love others. The Baltimore Police Chief, Melvin Russell says events like this reduce crime by 23% for the next 90 days! 

And in this picture, the man in the middle was truly honest. He told us he was fresh out of jail after nearly 5 years behind bars. He then asked if he could cook and serve with Mercy Chefs to do something positive. 

We believe in the power of the human spirit and the beauty of what God can bring to each of our lives. 

What are you doing to bring HOPE to your community!?