Finding Peace

What Our World Needs Now


When Jesus was walking on the earth, he encouraged people to follow Him.  He brought healing, comfort, peace and forgiveness to anyone who asked for it.  He lived in a time when executions were common.  People were scared to death for any given reason, murdered for political disagreements, and rulers’ enslaved people. No matter what was going on around Jesus, he brought peace, love and comfort.  That is what our world needs now.  PEACE, LOVE, COMFORT. Jesus is LOVE!


Philippians 4:1 says, “The way to stand firm is to keep our eyes on Christ, this world is not our home.”  If we believe in Jesus He will bring us peace, comfort, love and forgiveness.  Who would not want that? The Bible says, “In the world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” It’s so hard to understand why horrible things happen, but God doesn’t ask us to understand.  He says, ‘Trust Me.’  We will face difficult times and tragedy in our lives, but with Jesus in our hearts he can bring you peace in the midst of your crisis. Once you invite Jesus into your life, he will ALWAYS be there for you. If you follow him and develop a relationship with him, you can talk to Jesus anytime of day, like you would a friend.


After I asked Jesus into my heart at a very young age, I remember talking to him like a friend.  I knew he was there for me. Still to this day, I talk to him, sometimes out loud, sometimes silently, and sometimes I just sing out loud in my car songs of worship that come over the radio! It makes me feel good! It brings me peace and closer to God when I tell him how I’m feeling and ask him and trust him for everything I need.


I need Jesus, you need Jesus. We all need Jesus.  Our country needs a revival! I challenge you right now to start praying on a regular basis, daily, moment by moment.  Pray for the victims and first responders for EVERY crisis, storm, shooting or tragedy.  We need more people like you to pray and encourage others to pray. I also encourage you to get in a small group or church that feeds your spiritual needs.  Make sure it is “Jesus” centered and they believe He is the Son of God.


Have you sought Jesus to bring you peace, healing and comfort during this time of tragedy? Send us an email at about how God is working in your life.